Collectables & Memorabilia

If you need some cash fast, bring us your collectables to value. You can find Dinero Jewellers in Falmouth, Truro, and Penzance. You can also contact us by telephone or e-mail.

What are collectables?

Collectables are items that have been produced in small quantities so they appreciate over time. They could be: figurines, plates and stemware that commemorate an important event or items that have been made in a series to encourage obtaining an entire set. Paintings and artwork can also be considered collectables depending on the artist.

Some other examples of valuable collections are:

  • Stamps
  • Toys and Dolls
  • Coins

What is memorabilia? 

Memorabilia are items that may include autographs of famous musicians, sports stars or movie stars. The item that signed could be a football jersey, boxing glove, or original movie poster.

Some other examples of valuable collections are:

  • Signed albums
  • Signed musical instruments
  • Trading cards

If you have a collection that’s worth money and you need cash fast, come and talk to us. We’ll value your collectables and make you an immediate cash offer.

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